Welcome to RESOURCE

If you want to do it, we think you should do it.


What can I do in this space?

Rehearse, host an event, plan a performance, dream. Workshop or classroom space, installation, pop up market, gallery show, and more.

When is the space available?

From June through August. Open hours will be 9am-10pm.

How are we deciding what is in the space?

We want to program as much in this space within reason.

Is there a cost to the space?

Our proposed rates are: $15/hr, $150/day, ticket event rate TBD.
However, the space can be available for free or little to no cost. No questions asked.

What is capacity?

Max capacity for a seated event is 40 people. This can be discussed based on individual event.

Can I ticket my event?

Yes, we would love if you ticketed the event and are open to helping with this process. We will share more info on this soon.

Can I sell booze and other goods in the space?

All alcoholic beverages need to be served as donation-based.
We are open to you selling other items in the space.